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• Planning distribution of their assets on
   death (Estate Planning)
• Facing serious physical or mental
   illness – Planning for incapacity (Elder
• Managing assets and affairs of a
   deceased friend or relative (Probate)
• Responding to a civil lawsuit
• Having a dispute concerning a contract,
   consumer debt or foreclosure
• Involved in a business dispute
• Seeking to withdraw from a business
   or resolve disputes with business
• Planning management of assets during
   marriage (Prenuptial Agreement or
   Marital Property Agreement)
• Needing employment contracts,
   noncompete agreements or facing
   wrongful firing
• Selling or buying real estate

• Banks and credit unions
• Municipalities (local governments)
• Trust companies
• Real estate sales and management
• Shopping centers
• Housing complexes and landlords
• Cranberry growers and farmers
• Food processing companies and
• Accountants and bookkeepers
• Healthcare providers
• Construction contractors
• Trucking companies
• Automobile sales and service providers
• Restaurants taverns and nightclubs
• Information technology firms
• Insurance providers
• Churches and Religious Organizations
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 Did you know...

"Owners” of an LLC (limited liability company) are called “members?" But “owners” of a corporation are referred to as “shareholders?”

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